Trading Policy

Strictly Private and Confidential

P J Mc Kenna Cars Ltd. Trading Policy. [10-03-2008]


P J Mc Kenna Cars Ltd. specialise in wholesaling used cars to the motor trade throughout Ireland. We need a constant supply of good quality,original, used vehicles. We buy all types of vehicles, cars, 4x4's and light commercials. We source a large percentage of these vehicles from main dealerships, leasing companies and financial institutions. It is essential, due to the high volumes involved and the small profit margins that an honest and reliable working relationship is established between ourselves and our suppliers. With this in mind, we have developed On Line Underwriting (OLU), a system for underwriting vehicles on-line. OLU provides our suppliers with a guaranteed bid (underwrite). It also provides both parties with a comprehensive and transparent tracking record of all details and correspondence.

In the interest of a mutually beneficial business relationship we provide OLU to our suppliers subject to the following.

Terms and Conditions

In the context of these terms and conditions, the term Supplier shall mean the Supplier, it's servants and/or agents.

The term our, ours, us and we shall mean P J Mc Kenna Cars Ltd., it's servant and/or agents.

  1. OLU is provided on the strict understanding that the Supplier prices every vehicle that you/they may trade. Our offer will reflect our interest, taking into consideration our stock levels of the particular vehicle at the time, our overall stock level and market forces as we see them.
  2. Our offer is strictly confidential.
  3. We do not purchase vehicles that have been crashed and repaired.
  4. Prices are given on the understanding that VRC, handbooks, service history (hereinafter called "ancillary documentation") spare wheel and spare keys are all available unless clearly stated otherwise.
  5. Commercial vehicles are priced on the assumption that they are VAT inclusive and will be supplied with a full VAT invoice unless clearly stated otherwise.
  6. The supplier seeks an OLU offer by completing the request underwrite form and submitting it on-line. The supplier warrants that the information supplied is accurate. We will make an offer to purchase the vehicle based on this information.
  7. If it is discovered at a later date that the information provided by the supplier is not accurate, then the vehicle will be returned to the supplier and the supplier will reimburse us the amount paid together with any costs incurred.
  8. Our offer is valid for 7 days. If our offer is not accepted within this period it will "expire". The Supplier can re-submit an expired underwrite at any time. A re-submitted underwrite is effectively a new underwrite request (please note the new offer may differ greatly from our initial offer). We are under no obligation to make a second offer or match the original offer and we accept no responsibility whatsoever in this regard.
  9. The Supplier can accept our offer by selecting "accept" on our reply page. By accepting our offer the Supplier is giving a commitment to supply the particular vehicle and ancillary documentation on or around the ETA (estimated day of arrival) as set out on the proposal form. Under no circumstances should the vehicle be offered for sale, loaned or altered in any way, without our consent after our offer has been accepted. If it becomes apparent that the vehicle will not be available on or around the ETA the supplier should notify us immediately explaining the reason.
  10. If, after the Supplier has accepted our offer, the vehicle is not available for collection on the ETA or within 14 days thereafter, we reserve the right to rescind our offer to purchase the vehicle or in the alternative make a lower offer. If the supplier cannot complete the agreement for any reason, the Supplier shall pay to us €500 or 1% of the agreed price, whichever is greater.
  11. We will endeavour to pay within 7 days of us receiving delivery of the vehicle and ancillary documentation. Vehicles should be invoiced to P J Mc Kenna Cars Ltd. I8 Main St. Emyvale, Co. Monaghan. Invoices can be posted to P J Mc Kenna Cars Ltd. Universal Business Park, Old Naas Rd. Dublin 12 or faxed FAO Pamela Nicholls to 01 4298 773 (followed by a "hard" copy in the post). Cheques will only be issued on receipt of invoice and VRC.
  12. It is the responsibility of the supplier to apply for duplicate VRC's, if missing, and to fax a copy of the application to Monica at 01 4298773. ASAP.

P J Mc Kenna Cars Ltd reserve the right to change or amend our trading policy/terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be forwarded immediately by email to the dealer principal, brand manager and sales manager of the Supplier.